[time-nuts] New timing receivers?

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Tue May 6 17:43:04 UTC 2014

I have done a PCB that has connectors/mounting holes for the Adafruit, Crius CN06 (uBlox Neo 6M), and Resolution-T and -SMD receivers.  It has a DB9,  3.3V regulator, and MAX232A chip.  It can drive the 1PPS signal (either polarity) to the CD signal on the DB9.   Power to the circuitry can be raw input voltage or regulated from either a 2.1mm barrel connector or pin 9 of the DB9.   There is a small prototyping area on one end of the board (includes some pads intended for an Atmel ATTINY85 processor).

I can put the board on OSHPARK.COM shared projects if anybody is interested.  They wind up costing $30 for three boards.  I am waiting for the newest rev of the boards (with the ATTINY85 footprint) to arrive from OSHPARK in a few days.


I already  had something that looked to fit the bill even though not the same size as these micro modules. I have some Trimble Resolution Ts and  SMTs  		 	   		  

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