[time-nuts] OT -- AOL and Yahoo Email Warning

GandalfG8 at aol.com GandalfG8 at aol.com
Tue May 6 10:50:50 UTC 2014

Apologies for the off topic post but I suspect this will affect some other  
list members as well as those also using Yahoo groups, so thought it worth  
Following some recent email spoof attacks both AOL and Yahoo  have revised 
their DMARC settings to "Reject".
For anyone not familiar with this there's information  available online, 
but basically, for example, any email that's  attempted to be delivered to an 
AOL address that is indicating it's  from that or another AOL address but 
that doesn't actually identify as  originating directly from an AOL mail 
server will be rejected and/or  bounced.
I hope that makes sense:-)
What this does mean for any AOL time-nuts users who choose to receive  
individual emails is that they will no longer receive copies of their own posts  
or any submitted by other AOL users because AOL, in its infinite wisdom,  
sees these as a spoof and rejects them.
I became aware of this a week or so ago and had just taken to  monitoring 
the list archives for any posts I might have missed but hadn't  considered 
any further implications until this morning when I received an  automated 
notice from the list stating that my membership had been disabled due  to 
excessive bounces and that I would need to re-enable it, with a warning that  in 
the longer term it could result in permanent closure of membership if the  
excessive bounces continue.
Obviously this is fundamentally an AOL problem, I'm not suggesting  it to 
be a list issue as such, and I've now switched my list  email settings to 
receive just the daily digest in the hopes that this will  avoid future 
problems with individual emails, but if anyone does know of a  work around that 
will allow individual emails to be received, whilst still  avoiding the 
bounces, then I'd be very happy to hear of it.

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