[time-nuts] OT -- AOL and Yahoo Email Warning

Paul Davis ziggy9+time-nuts at pumpkinbrook.com
Tue May 6 17:57:00 UTC 2014

I dont know if John knows it or not, but in Mailman (the time-nuts list manager software), setting the variable ‘from_is_list’ to Yes causes the  From: address to be replaced by the list address (time-nuts at febo.com).  That should solve any problems caused by DMARC implementation.  It could be an inconvenience if people are filtering by who’s sending the messages to the list. 

Paul - K9MR

On May 6, 2014, at 6:50 AM, GandalfG8 at aol.com wrote:

> Apologies for the off topic post but I suspect this will affect some other  
> list members as well as those also using Yahoo groups, so thought it worth  
> sharing.
> Following some recent email spoof attacks both AOL and Yahoo  have revised 
> their DMARC settings to "Reject".
> For anyone not familiar with this there's information  available online, 
> but basically, for example, any email that's  attempted to be delivered to an 
> AOL address that is indicating it's  from that or another AOL address but 
> that doesn't actually identify as  originating directly from an AOL mail 
> server will be rejected and/or  bounced.
> I hope that makes sense:-)
> What this does mean for any AOL time-nuts users who choose to receive  
> individual emails is that they will no longer receive copies of their own posts  
> or any submitted by other AOL users because AOL, in its infinite wisdom,  
> sees these as a spoof and rejects them.
> I became aware of this a week or so ago and had just taken to  monitoring 
> the list archives for any posts I might have missed but hadn't  considered 
> any further implications until this morning when I received an  automated 
> notice from the list stating that my membership had been disabled due  to 
> excessive bounces and that I would need to re-enable it, with a warning that  in 
> the longer term it could result in permanent closure of membership if the  
> excessive bounces continue.
> Obviously this is fundamentally an AOL problem, I'm not suggesting  it to 
> be a list issue as such, and I've now switched my list  email settings to 
> receive just the daily digest in the hopes that this will  avoid future 
> problems with individual emails, but if anyone does know of a  work around that 
> will allow individual emails to be received, whilst still  avoiding the 
> bounces, then I'd be very happy to hear of it.
> Regards
> Nigel
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