[time-nuts] HP E3610A Power supply

EWKehren at aol.com EWKehren at aol.com
Thu May 22 11:59:21 UTC 2014

This may be off topic but I did check with Tom and many time nuts may have  
HP E3610A power supplies on their bench and mine smoked a ublox GPS so that 
 makes it topic related..
The reference section has some 1 uF 50V capacitors and in my unit one  
shorted. The reference section has fuses on the board but they did not open. The 
 7912 overheated and shorted out,  traces are discolored the op amp  shows 
signs of overheating and burned out. The result was the output went  to 30V+ 
 and next morning the ublox chip plastic showed where the chip  smoked. As 
a minimum I recommend replacing the 1 uF capacitors with new quality  caps, 
I also ordered 15 V 5 W zeners and 0.5 A 20 mm glass fuses.
Bert Kehren

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