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Sat May 24 19:48:27 UTC 2014

 we are not elite most of those have long gone if you look back four  years 
ore more and that is my main frustration since none of the things I have  
worked on would have been possible with out them. We will announce  some work 
soon but the frustration is with the listings that have absolutely  nothing 
to do with time nuts issues and that has resulted that some of our best  do 
not consider it worth while to enter a dialog.
I am not saying good bye and let me make clear there no such thing as a  
silly question as long as it is on time frequency subjects.
As an example a couple of years ago it deteriorated in to discussion of  
German Home Radiator brass fittings having built a home in Germany I  know 
about the subject but some how did not think this was the place.
I still hope that some say enough is enough and maybe get back to what it  
was and again when on subject there are no stupid questions. Not asking is  
a sign of ignorance and stupidity. But on this site please limit it to time 
nut  issues.
We have a small group off list and will expand it to focus on time nut  
projects since focused dialog on a project has not been possible for quite some 
As an example a GPSDO for the FE 5680 that if there is an interest could  
have a kit price of $ 45 shipping and handling included. Have to find some 
one  that will do the kitting and shipping I will definitely not do it. There 
is  plenty of margin for some one. Actual Material cost will be between $ 15 
and 20  depending on volume.
Bert Kehren
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and how, please, are us newbies and dabblers supposed  to learn from you, 
the elite time-nuts, when you keep your discoveries  secret, only 
accessible to a group of hand-picked individuals? of course,  this is a 
free world, and you, like everybody, is free to share or not to  share 
your knowledge. however, this is my place to learn, and you don't do  me 
a favour by saying goodbye to the group. why not share your knowledge  
here, ignore the silly questions of the not so bright, but give them the  
opportunity to follow your discussions with the ones that are on a par  
with you? that i'd appreciate very much!


"...because the deterioration of the list has resulted in many on
the real time nuts have gone away and do like we do every thing  off
list since this has deteriorated in to a chat room with  the majority
of the listings not time or frequency related.  Serious time nuts can
contact me off list and maybe be added  to the  group."

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