[time-nuts] Trimble L1/L2 GPS Antenna PN: 27947-00

M. George m.matthew.george at gmail.com
Tue Jun 16 05:11:54 UTC 2015

Hello, ​I snagged a Trimble GPS 27947-00 on the usual auction site awhile
back... I hope I didn't snag it from other time-nuts that were bidding...
Anyway, it showed up today and it cleaned up really nice.

I couldn't help 'not' opening it up to take a peek... see the pictures

Trimble L1/L2 GPS Antenna 27947-00

I can't find hardly anything at all on this part number... I looked at
KO4BB's manual pages trying to find something and gave it my best Google
shot.  Is there a common model number that I'm missing?

What convinced me to go after a better antenna were comments from Bob and
others and I think I got a good deal on this.  Was it a good find... and
are time-nuts using these with the Trimble ground plane in permanent
installs with the ground plane attached. (sorry for my ignorance here, but
I'm not finding too much based on my searching around and I'm a newbie

I don't have anything that would use the L2 frequencies yet... or maybe
ever, but it's amazing how well this thing is built.  I'm interested to see
the difference it will show compared to my $30 bullet.

Any insight would be helpful...  mount suggestions... etc... over kill?

Max NG7M

M. George

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