[time-nuts] Generating a solid PPS from 10Mhz source

Vlad time at patoka.org
Thu Jan 14 21:36:02 UTC 2016

Following my previous note: today I did create simple test installation 
using CPLD Xilinx XC2C32A. The project just get input from 50Mhz OSC and 
divide it to get 1Hz output to send it to two LEDs and defined clk_out 
pin. As I program it - the LEDs was blinking with 1Hz frequency. Which 
means its working somehow. ;-)

To simplify it - I was not using D FF at this time (see attached VHDL).

The interesting thing was to look to the report. It said Xilinx CPLD 
needs considerable amount of time to deliver the signal to its "ports" :

Constraint: AUTO_TS_F2F
Description: MAXDELAY:FROM:FFS(*):TO:FFS(*):0.000 nS

  Path                Requirement (ns) Delay (ns) Slack (ns)
  clk_out.Q to LED1.D 0.000 3.300 -3.300
  clk_out.Q to LED2.D 0.000 3.300 -3.300
  prescaler<0>.Q to prescaler<12>.D 0.000 3.300 -3.300

Constraint: AUTO_TS_P2P
Description: MAXDELAY:FROM:PADS(*):TO:PADS(*):0.000 nS

  Path           Requirement (ns) Delay (ns) Slack (ns)
  clk_in to LED1 0.000 3.700 -3.700
  clk_in to LED2 0.000 3.700 -3.700
  clk_in to clk_out 0.000 3.700 -3.700

Constraint: AUTO_TS_P2F
Description: MAXDELAY:FROM:PADS(*):TO:FFS(*):0.000 nS

  Path                 Requirement (ns) Delay (ns) Slack (ns)
  clk_in to clk_in.GCK 0.000 1.300 -1.300

Constraint: AUTO_TS_F2P
Description: MAXDELAY:FROM:FFS(*):TO:PADS(*):0.000 nS

  Path           Requirement (ns) Delay (ns) Slack (ns)
  LED1.Q to LED1 0.000 2.400 -2.400
  LED2.Q to LED2 0.000 2.400 -2.400
  clk_out.Q to clk_out 0.000 2.400 -2.400

So, as far I understood, some delays would be expecting. I didn't 
measure jitter or anything else yet. But looking to those nanoseconds, 
it seems PIC doing better job despite its whole MCU (not just simple 
plain CPLD).


-- Company:
-- Engineer:
-- Create Date:    11:20:17 01/14/2016
-- Design Name:
-- Module Name:    pps - Behavioral
-- Project Name:
-- Target Devices:  Xilinx XC2C32A
-- Tool versions: Xilinx ISE
-- Description: Simple frequency divider (divide 50Hz clk, connected to 
P1 to 1Hz signal with outputs on P31, P32 and P33
-- Dependencies:
-- Revision:
-- Revision 0.01 - File Created
-- Additional Comments:
library IEEE;

-- Uncomment the following library declaration if using
-- arithmetic functions with Signed or Unsigned values

-- Uncomment the following library declaration if instantiating
-- any Xilinx primitives in this code.
library UNISIM;
use UNISIM.VComponents.all;


entity pps is
     Port ( clk_in : in  STD_LOGIC;
            clk_out : out  STD_LOGIC;
            LED1 : out  STD_LOGIC;
            LED2 : out  STD_LOGIC);
end pps;

architecture Behavioral of pps is

signal prescaler : integer range 0 to 49999999 :=0;
signal clk_out_i : std_logic;


gen_clk : process (clk_in)
begin  -- process gen_clk
	if rising_edge(clk_in) then   -- rising clock edge
		if (prescaler = 49999999) then
			prescaler   <= 0;
			clk_out_i   <= not clk_out_i;
			prescaler <= prescaler + 1;
		end if;
	end if;
end process gen_clk;

clk_out <= clk_out_i;
LED1 <= clk_out_i;
LED2 <= clk_out_i;

end Behavioral;




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