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paul swed paulswedb at gmail.com
Sun Jan 17 18:25:55 UTC 2016

Welcome to the group and have always appreciated the help from Artek.
If only frequency no need to care about the date. I learned this from
fellow time nuts. Yes I also hate 1996. Now I think there are later
software releases. I haven't had my 3801 on for a bit as I discovered that
I actually have a jumping frequency issue. But If need be happy to copy the
Also check KO4bbs website later eproms may be there.
I don't actually recall seeing eproms in the unit.
Up until recently my 3801 of 10-14 years just worked thats why I am unclear
about the internals.
Unfortunately seems I may be digging into it.

On Sun, Jan 17, 2016 at 9:59 AM, Artek Manuals <Manuals at artekmanuals.com>

> Hi guys
> Dave at ArtekManuals.com here. Long time electronics enthusiast/tinkerer/
> ham radio op.
> Recently moved and am in the process of setting up my long dreamed of a
> planned electronics lab and radio shack (NR1DX).
> At the heart of the lab is a HP Z3801 GPSDO to provide  an external 10MHz
> frequency reference. I bought the unit about 15 years ago but it has been
> in environmentally controlled storage ever since. Serial prefix is
> 3517Axxxxx and I am running this on a +54VDC supply. Upon firing the Z3801
> up, the first conundrum I am running into is that the unit does not seem to
> support setting the date above 12/31/2007. Sometimes during the survey mode
> it will automatically set the correct 2016 date , other times during the
> survey the date stays stuck on 1996. The unit tracks the satellites and
> mostly settles in around 1 second PPS at +/- 20ns with a holdover of 4 to
> 8us. More about the "mostly" comment in a later post.
> On the surface the actual reported date is not a big deal for me. as long
> as the date is not critical to the GPSDO function? The engineer in me would
> like to be able to set the date correctly ......just because. When
> attempting to set the using GPS:INIT:DATE I get an E-222 error (data out of
> range).
> So here are my initial questions.
> 1) I assume that the date thing is a firmware issue? Is there updated
> firmware out there that allows dates above 2007, 12, 31?
> 2) If all I care about is 10MHz accuracy, do I need to care about the date?
> 3) Is there a different command string I should be using?
> 4)Software: I am running HP SATSTAT and Z38XX on a WIN-XP/32 laptop ...IS
> there something better (or different) I should be running in the way of
> FREE software? I looked at the GPSCon package and so far questions about
> support for the software and portability eventually to WIN-10 supported
> have gone unanswered (not a good sign)
> Finally I am sure that the above have been addressed on older posts, but I
> gave up searching in frustration.  Is there an easy way to search the
> ENTIRE list archive. It seems that the archives must be queried one month
> at time which is REALLY TEDIOUS
> Dave
> ArtekManuals.com
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> Dave
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