[time-nuts] New Member / Z3801

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Sun Jan 17 21:02:46 UTC 2016

Manuals at ArtekManuals.com said:
> Serial prefix  is 3517Axxxxx

Mine is 3542Axxxxx

Many years ago, I was bringing up one with the date was wrong.  It took me a 
few tries to get it to work.  I think the trick was to set the date before it 
had discovered any satellites and gotten confused by thinking the wrong date 
was correct.

> 2) If all I care about is 10MHz accuracy, do I need to care about the date?


> Finally I am sure that the above have been addressed on older posts, but  I
> gave up searching in frustration.  Is there an easy way to search the
> ENTIRE list archive. It seems that the archives must be queried one  month
> at time which is REALLY TEDIOUS 

Google works well.  Add "time-nuts" or "site:febo.com" (without the quotes, but they won't hurt) to narrow the search if you get too much clutter.

week wrap is a good term.  Or maybe WNRO, Week Number RollOver

These are my opinions.  I hate spam.

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