[time-nuts] low noise multiplication to 100 MHz

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Moin Jim,

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jimlux <jimlux at earthlink.net> wrote:

> The 2diode multiplier describes using 1n5711 or 1n914, but I was 
> wondering if anyone has run this sort of multiplier up to 100 MHz?
> What sort of symmetry does the resulting waveform have (yeah, it's 
> basically a filtered sinewave, because you're picking a harmonic, but 
> I've been surprised before)?

I haven't looked into that much, but I have one paper that deals exactly
with that. It's the paper[1] that describes the 200MHz oscillator for
the SAW filter excitation based TDC's by Petr Panek. I'm attaching it,
as it has disapeared from the net in the meantime.

They use ECL gates to generate the harmonic content to get to 100MHz, then
use a mini circuits frequency double to get to 200MHz, followed by a
crystal filter, amplifier and an comparator to square it.


			Attila Kinali

[1] "Frequency Source 200 MHz for Time Interval Measurements,
Providing Sub-Picosecond Precision and Stability", by Kölbl, Sperber, Prochazka

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