[time-nuts] low noise multiplication to 100 MHz

Gerhard Hoffmann dk4xp at arcor.de
Thu Jan 21 22:36:16 UTC 2016

Am 21.01.2016 um 15:43 schrieb jimlux:
> My tiny 100 MHz low noise OCXOs are unexpectedly delayed at the mfr, 
> and I'm looking at alternative schemes.
> One is to get 10 or 20 MHz OCXOs (typically in stock) and multiply 
> them up. I've got the Wenzel ap notes on 2diode and using HCMOS (and 
> I've used the packaged Wenzel multipliers), and I think I have some 
> spare board real estate on another board.
What about locking a 100MHz Crystek CVHD-950 to a 10 MHz ref?
Far out it will not be wonderful, but still better than a multiplied-up 
10 MHz,
close-in the 10 MHz rules.

Has anybody seen seen this simple Wenzel locking circuit?
< http://www.crovencrystals.com/pllclock.htm >


regards, Gerhard

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