[time-nuts] low noise multiplication to 100 MHz

jimlux jimlux at earthlink.net
Fri Jan 22 17:20:16 UTC 2016

On 1/22/16 2:15 AM, REEVES Paul wrote:
> Why not use something like an HP5254B/C ? They give out  50MHz harmonics up to the low Ghz region, all filtered by a nice high-Q tuneable cavity. All to typical HP build quality.
> Of course, they have an amount of 'not needed' circuitry and are just a bit  ..... , well, bulky.  Good clean output from 10MHz in though.

I guess I wasn't totally clear in my original post. I was looking for 
ideas on circuits - I'm trying to fit this into a few square cm of board 
real estate.

Sadly, if you put the 5254 into a big crusher and squeeze it down to the 
few cm size, the harmonic content seems to drop off dramatically <grin>

I've got some fast Schottky diodes on order for another purpose, so I 
may breadboard the Wenzel circuit and see how it works. I'm thinking the 
1N914 in the Wenzel article might not work so well at 100MHz. I might 
not wind up using it this time, but it's useful to try it.

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