[time-nuts] TM500/TM5000/HP-5370 Extender cables and cards

Robin Midgett K4IDC at comcast.net
Sat Jan 30 00:39:53 UTC 2016

Mark Sims <holrum at ...> writes:

> The TM500/5000 and HP5370 extender kits are now available (actually they 
were ready a few weeks ago, but I
> was going to be out of town and did not want to leave people hanging).Prices 
are:HP5370 extender card kit -
> has 2 x 36 pin extenders and 1 x 44 pin extender.  $30 setTektronix 
TM500/TM5000 module extender cable kit -
> $20Tektronix TM5000 GPIB extender cable (assembled) $20US shipping is $6 for 
any number of kits.
> International shipping is $15 for any number of kits.  If you need 
international tracking they must go
> registered mail which adds another $15 (and slows down the mail) or express 
mail which is stupid
> expensive.  
> All kits include everything you need to get going except solder and basic 
tools.Email me for my Paypal
> address.The HP5370 extenders are 5 inches long.The TM500 kits include a pair 
of 17" 40 pin IDE ribbon
> cables.  You may want to use your own, longer cables.  The TM5000 GPIB cable 
is around 28" long.Remember that
> some TM500/5000 modules require 2 or 3 extender cables...  I even have one 
that needs 4,  but it is a one-off
> custom design. 		 	   		  

Hi Mark,
I found this post while trolling for these extender kits. If the kits are 
still available, I'm interested in acquiring at least one, perhaps two.

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