[time-nuts] HP 5372A troubleshooting

Morris Odell vilgotch at bigpond.net.au
Sat Jan 30 12:07:28 UTC 2016


Thanks very much! I had no idea those scans were available for the 5371A. I'll download them at once.


From: Adrian <rfnuts at arcor.de>


you might want to download the 5371A service manuals which contain
The 5372A being an 'upgraded' version of the 5371A, most of its parts
are identical.
Look for 05371-90018 (Vol.1) and 05371-90034 (Vol.2).
They should be available at www.keysight.com
The scan quality is surprisingly good.

The A10 regulator board is in Vol.2 on p. 7I-9.
The -15 are generated out of the unregulated +25V by a switch mode
regulator, so there should be much less (40kHz switch frequency) ripple
than described.
Otherwise the obvious electrolytics are to be suspected (in particular
C17, but also C7, C24).


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