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Wed Oct 4 21:20:01 UTC 2017

I should have said, I’m based in the UK, so pointers to US suppliers aren’t much help, but thanks for taking the time to reply.

I’ve replaced the opto-coupler, it was an 817 device, got a couple off ebay brand new for pennies, still not working though :-(

I’ve also ordered a new MOS FET which should be here by the weekend, so we’ll see if that helps. At this rate It will be a whole new PSU by the time I replace the faulty part! Assuming of course it’s not the transformer, in which case I’m stuffed.

The problem with buying a new PSU is finding one that fits, all the ones with suitable outputs I’ve found so far are the wrong shape/size.


> On 3 Oct 2017, at 04:54, martinm at soundtech-lg.com wrote:
> Chris,
> There is a PowDec Tech SMPS PCBA on ebay PTE43-34 ebay item
> 322751890408
> The S200 PS is a PTE43-31. +5V+12V-12V. The one listed is 5V+15V-15V
> $20 Probably few components need to be swapped.
> Here is the spec sheet for the PTE43 series with a nice photo...  oem
> for sure:
> https://www.sager.com/_resources/pdfs/product/PTE43.pdf
> Martin
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