[time-nuts] Question about SA.33 Rb clock

Jar Sun ahhuic at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 8 03:27:14 UTC 2017

Dear group:   I have got a SA.33 Rb module from a second hand GPS clock, at first it works well, but soon after it was damaged that beacuse I was trying to install a heat sink on it, unfortunately I used screws which its size too long, so maybe the screws drilled into inside Rb lamp or inside circuit something? I don't know.
I am not expecting this Rb can be receoveyed, I am just hope there is no some martirial hamfully leaked out. TVB gave me some information about this Rb module and a papers on this website:
I have read the paper for two times, but I am confused now, the paper described a principle of CSAC clock in 2002, in the papger CSAC was described that it is based on CPT technology, and the CPT is based on a VCSEL and a very small Cesium Cell and other implement necessarily. My question is the SA.3x(or SA.2x) also used this method? In my impression the SA.3x series clock is called Rubidium clock, and the SA.45 is a real Cesium CSAC? So if SA.3x or SA.2x used the technique which mentioned in  paper52, can we say there is some Cesium material in SA.3x? I am totally confused, do anyone can give me some advice? Any information will be appreciated, Thanks a lot.
Hui Zhang

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