[time-nuts] current crop of GPS receivers for Rpi/Beaglebone for NTP server/etc

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Mon Oct 16 18:46:07 UTC 2017

I don't know of any no-wire setups for the Beaglebone.  (I somewhat remember 
one, but it included something else I didn't need and the price was high 
enough that I ignored it.)

If anybody finds one, please let us know.

There are at least 3 GPS HATs for Pis.

The first two include a patch antenna.  Depending on your location, you may 
be able to run without an external antenna.  The Adafruit has a tiny u.FL 
connector rather than a SMA so it fits into a normal enclosure with no 

You need to solder on the 40 pin header.

SKU 424254:
(I haven't tried one.)


See Davit Taylor's msg for the US source.

The old(er) Uptronics board had the antenna connector going out the end 
rather than the side.  That doesn't fit with new Pis that have 4 USB slots.  
On older Pis, it puts the cable in the slot between 2 connectors.  You can 
use old enclosures by just breaking off one tab.


Lots of info here:
You may have to dig to find the stuff you are interested in.

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