[time-nuts] Oncore VP problem

Randy Warner randy at geodetics.com
Tue Jul 17 18:07:40 EDT 2007


You should be able to restart the VP with the @@Cg command in the
"Additional Message Window" in WinOncore12. The total command string is:


Note that with the VP this must be done after every receiver default or

Rick Hambly's SynTac/TAC32 software is smart enough that it does this
automatically, but WinOncore12 was built after the VP's were pretty much

NOTE that WinOncore12 is pretty much useless if you are running a 6 channel
receiver or an 8 channel VP in 6 channel mode as about the only 6 channel
message it understands is the @@Bb satellite report. For this you need to
use Rick's software or find an OLD DOS version of the Motorola software.

You will also encounter trouble trying to run a lot of the more esoteric 8
channel messages that the VP supported. WinOncore12 has no idea about what
to do with these. Once again, Rick's software will come to the rescue.

Best regards,
Randy Warner
Senior Applications Engineer
Geodetics, Inc.


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Hi All
I'm trying to set up a supposedly NOS GPS development kit,  similar to the 
old Motorola evalution kit, with an Oncore VP mounted on an  interface board

fitted with a 5 volt regulator and MAX232 interface  chip.
Running WinOncore12 under WinXP I can talk to the module ok, enter location

info and get it to return it's ID etc, but other than that I can't get it
do anything.
I've discovered from the VP command set that it goes into idle mode after a

self test and needs a "position fix mode" command to put it back into "fix"

Unfortunately, although the module acknowledges the command it reports  that

it's still in idle mode.
I'll dig out a DOS PC later, and try an earlier version of the software,
if anyone's come across this before I'd be grateful for any tips as to how I

can kick it back into life again.

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