[time-nuts] Oncore VP problem

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Tue Jul 17 20:39:10 EDT 2007

In a message dated 17/07/2007 23:09:36 GMT Daylight Time,  
randy at geodetics.com writes:

You  should be able to restart the VP with the @@Cg command in the
"Additional  Message Window" in WinOncore12. The total command string  is:


Note that with the VP this must be done  after every receiver default or

You will  also encounter trouble trying to run a lot of the more esoteric 8
channel  messages that the VP supported. WinOncore12 has no idea about what
to do  with these. Once again, Rick's software will come to the rescue.

Best  regards,

Randy Warner
Senior Applications Engineer
Geodetics,  Inc.
Thanks Randy
That saved the day.
It was one of those things that seem silly when you know but a real pain  
when nothing wants to work.
The unit did come with some earlier DOS software and a while ago I  booted up 
the Dolch luggable, that I keep for the Z3801A and SatStat, and ran  the DOS 
GPS90 software but that was doing the same thing.
My problem???
The VP comand set document doesn't mention, or not that I can see  anyway, 
the need for that leading zero, so I was using @@Cg1.....and it don't  like 
Considering the antenna is only propped up on a ground floor window sill  for 
now, and signal levels are on the low side, all is looking good, with a  10 
degree mask angle it's seeing 10 or 11 satellites and so far tracking  3.
It turns out to be an early 8 channel, a B3 model, but as long as it  has the 
1PPS output, that should be ok for what I need.
Thanks too for the other information, I'll look out for a copy of TAC32 and  
try that later.
and thanks again


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