[time-nuts] Oncore VP problem

Randy Warner randy at geodetics.com
Wed Jul 18 14:23:34 EDT 2007


Your receiver will output 1PPS just fine. The "B" in the options list means
that you have 1PPS, but you DON'T have TRAIM. If you had a TRAIM capable
receiver the middle letter in the P/N would be "P". 

Those of you using some of the old 6 channel timing receivers as used in a
lot of the old surplus HP/Symmetricom/Datum equipment will usually have a
"B1121P1114" receiver installed. The 8 channel equivalent is the B4121P1114.
Bear in mind that the 8 channel receivers will work in a 6 channel spot, but
not the inverse.

It is largely unknown that basically any VP receiver is capable of operating
as a standard positioning receiver, precise timer with TRAIM, or with ALL
the bells and whistles including carrier phase. The code inside all
receivers with the same version firmware (8.4, 10.0, etc.) is capable of
operating in any mode. When the receiver boots it looks at the Option List
in the receiver ID to see which options are active. Motorola liked to
pretend that the timing and carrier phase receivers were more expensive
because of specialized code, but in fact this was not the case. The code was
always there, but the receiver would not use it if the option was not
present in the receiver ID.


Nigel - the best thing for you to do at this point is to download an eval
copy of  TAC32 from Rick's website and let his software set up your
receiver. It will set it up automatically to get the 1PPS running. Once you
have convinced yourself that your receiver is working you can go back to
WinOncore12. I think the problem with your 1PPS is that WinOncore12 does not
recognize the old VP 1PPS commands.


There were some useful items there that I hadn't seen before, in particular

the VP firmware history.........
but now I'm totally confused:-)
That firmware history refers to firmware version 8v4 being fitted to  models

Bxxxxxxxxx4 and, sure enough, my firmware is 8v4.
8v4 is supposed to have updates for the Time RAIM option so I  would have 
expected that to imply my unit did have the 1PPS option after all,  but it 
resolutely ignores any of the relevant commands either via the WinOncore
window or the menu options for time setting.
It will alow me to sellect the option that turns on 1PPS but the module  
ignores the command and doesn't seem to reply.
Maybe I'll give up on the QEX simple GPS standard and just build a  clock:-)

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