[time-nuts] Oncore VP problem

Tom Clark, K3IO tom.k3io at gmail.com
Wed Jul 18 21:43:14 EDT 2007

GandalfG8 at aol.com wrote:
> There were some useful items there that I hadn't seen before, in particular  
> the VP firmware history.........
> but now I'm totally confused:-)
> That firmware history refers to firmware version 8v4 being fitted to  models 
> Bxxxxxxxxx4 and, sure enough, my firmware is 8v4.
> 8v4 is supposed to have updates for the Time RAIM option so I  would have 
> expected that to imply my unit did have the 1PPS option after all,  but it 
> resolutely ignores any of the relevant commands either via the WinOncore  command 
> window or the menu options for time setting.
> It will alow me to sellect the option that turns on 1PPS but the module  
> ignores the command and doesn't seem to reply.
My suggestion is that you pick up a free evaluation copy of Rick
Hambly's TAC32 software at http://cnssys.com/cnsclock/Tac32Software.html
. TAC32 knows all the quirks & options that ever existed in a Motorola
receiver, going all the way back to the Rev.3 PVT6. Then if you find it
useful, a legal copy can be purchased from Rick, or at members discount
from TAPR (http://www.tapr.org/gps_tac32.html).

Tom Clark

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