[time-nuts] HP-3336A Level Generator manual

marks twotoe.com marks at twotoe.com
Tue Nov 13 10:12:56 EST 2007


I have found a pdf copy of the Manual with full schematics for the ABC 
including optuion 5.

If you still require it, let me know where I can send it?

Now I am keen to get my 3336 going and I am after the ROM images for the 

There appear to be 2 revs of control boards, one has 1 PROM the older one 
has 4 PROM.

Either will do, as I have a spare 3325 control board I bought off ebay which 
is the identical board except for the firmware.

Best regards,

marks at twotoe dot com

 Hi Scott

 Many thanks for your reply.

 I don't really "need" any of the circuits at the moment so I wouldn't  want
 to put you to the trouble of scanning it, but the offer is much
 appreciated.....and I might be back when I power up my own  units:-)

 I was just surprised to find, when trying to help with the question  re no
 output at the front panel, that neither of the pdf files I've  got had any
 circuit diagrams included and was hoping somebody might  already have found 
a more
 complete pdf copy that could be shared without any  work on their part.

 It's even possible I have a paper copy myself but nearly all my paper
 manuals are in storage and I can't remember if I had one for the 3336.


 and thanks again


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