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On 7/2/17 1:47 AM, Attila Kinali wrote:
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>> It must be almost 2 PM in the morning !
> Yes, it was :-)
>> Congratulations , can I help ?good  luck
> If you could forward the call to people who might be interested, that
> would be very much appreciated. Because of the institute we are located
> at[1], we get quite a few applications from computer scientists, but hardly
> any from computer engineers. And usually electrical engineers do not
> perceive us as a potential employer. Thus we have a very hard time to
> find people with a background in electronics, which we need for our
> research. And almost all of our research centers around the theme of
> applying computer science to electrical engineering problems. This enables
> us to suddenly solve problems that were previously thought unsolvable.
> But, as I said, we need electrical engineers, who understand the problems
> and can work toghether with the computer science side to come up with
> novel solutions.

yes... you want folks who know which end of the soldering iron gets hot 
so you can turn good ideas into better reality

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