[time-nuts] Interfacing of 74ALVC divider chain to ADF4350 output (yet another low jitter sine-to-logic thread ; ) )

Yuri Ostry yuri at ostry.ru
Sun Jul 30 16:52:50 EDT 2017


Trying to make low-PN fine tuning step synth for experiments in HF
range from the parts I have on hand. Looks like the best I can do is
to add extra dividers to chinese ADF4350 board from eBay that was used
in the past and now is collecting dust on the shelf.

But interfacing of 74ALVC flip-flop input to a ADF output in a 160-260 MHz
range is not so easy question for me, especially taking low jitter
requirements into account. Maybe someone can share tested working solution that
will not add too much noise and will be more or less stable with
temperature variations?

 Yuri, UA3ATQ/KI7XJ                          mailto:yuri at ostry.ru

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