[time-nuts] Cross-Correlation Results

ct1dmk ct1dmk at gmail.com
Fri Aug 10 02:08:23 UTC 2012


Page has the pictures using percentage for width and height parameter
and that makes it quite dependent on the browser and window size and
aspect ratio. It is really odd to have it that way.

John (N8UR), you have:

<IMG SRC="cross-correlation-pn.png" WIDTH=50% HEIGHT=50% >

you may go there and replace the line above by:

<a href="cross-correlation-pn.png">
<img src="cross-correlation-pn.png" height="200"></a>

and it will be great looking for sure.
Nice small picture, and clickable to zoom it.

Luis Cupido.

On 8/5/2012 12:30 AM, John Miles wrote:
>   It makes them look oddly squashed unless the browser window
> proportions happen to be just right.)

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