[time-nuts] Thunderbolt distribution amplifier needed.

Dave M dgminala at mediacombb.net
Tue Aug 21 14:12:34 UTC 2012

> From: Chris Wilson <chris at chriswilson.tv>
>  21/08/2012 11:40
> Can anyone please link specifically to a suitable distribution amp for
> my TB please, either here if it's allowed, or by e-mail to me at
> chris at chriswilson.tv ? Cost is a factor, and I am in the UK. An Ebay
> purchase would be painless. I feel it would be really easy for someone
> as daft as me to buy something totally unsuitable. I want to run David
> Partridge's divider board and have enough 10MHz signalleft to run
> other stuff as well, David recommended I run the amp between the TB
> and his divider. Cheers.

I've been using an Extron ADA 3-80 RGB video DA for distributing standard 
frequencies to other instruments.  It has worked very well for me.  They are 
frequently available on Ebay quite cheaply.
.There's a good discussion on using the Extron DA for 10MHz frequency 
distribution at http://www.ko4bb.com/ham_radio/Extron_3_80/. There's a 
couple on Ebay right now (Item 160867891412 and Item 370641502891 {different 
model}).  They're in the USA, so shipping to the UK might be a bit painful 
unless you can get someone to act as a shipping agent.
Other Extron models will probably do as well... chech out the Extron 
literature for details.  I like the ADA 3-80 because of the number of inputs 
and outputs it offers.  Bandwidth is great and noise is low.  If you need 
really low noise distribution, you will have to determine suitability for 
your needs.

Dave M

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