[time-nuts] Low cost GPS module for < 100ns timestamping error

Jim Lux jimlux at earthlink.net
Sun May 4 19:03:59 UTC 2014

On 5/4/14, 11:38 AM, Chris Albertson wrote:
> These guys claim "IEEE-754 FPU".     But this is not the board to use for a
> Posix-like OS.   For that you'd want disk controller, networking and so on.
Ah, so they did include the FPU:  that's handy.
Actually, an in-ram file system, along with a decent threading model, 
queues, and so forth, even with no disk and networking, is still useful. 
The fact that you can test your code by compiling and running it in a 
linux environment is quite helpful.

> The big advantage of this thing is that it has an Arduino compatible boot
> loader and pinout so it drops into that environment which is VERY easy for
> many people to use.  It has a very short learning curve.   You can't say
> that about other embedded Sparc.

Very much so.

> SPARC, ARM or AVR should not matter to people who are using the Arduino
> IDE,  All they see is the same C++ like environment and a small set of
> library functions.

And that's pretty cool.

But, since we have a bunch of GPS based precision navigation/orbit 
determination code we're developing that runs on a SPARC V8, (so we've 
dealt with all the potential numerical idiosyncracies), we might be able 
to do an inexpensive port of Real Time Gipsy to this platform.


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